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Guest Addresses:  $3.00 each

Reply Addresses:  $2.50 each

Return Address:   $2.25 each

Inner Enelopes:   $1.50 each

*Additional $0.75 per envelope for centered addresses

**Additional $1.25 per envelope for heavily textured paper



Day of Items

Place Cards (guest names only):  $2.00+ each

Escort Cards (guest names and table numbers): $2.25+ each

Escort cards with envelopes: $3.00+ each

Menus/ Programs: $150 design fee (printing costs are additional)

Monogram Design: $200

Welcome Signs:  $200+ (material not included)

Large hand lettered paper seating charts:  $350 (up to 100 names)

Large hand lettered seating charts on material other than paper $450 (up to 100 names)



Additional Services

Custom Ink Mixing:    $25 flat fee

Custom Wedding Invitation Suite: $500 design fee (printing costs additional)

Custom Projects: $45 per hour

Logo Design: $500

Spot Calligraphy services available for industry professionals



*Prices do not include the cost of materials*

***Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. Any orders that require to be done in less time is

considered a rush order. Rush orders incur an additional fee of 25%.***